A Reminder When Trying Again Is Not So Easy


I remember the first day I heard this song, Lizzie McGuire and glitter butterfly clips were all the rage and Romeo Must Die had just come out. I was at the back seat of my Mum’s car driving to a place I can’t recall, the Timbaland beat was distinct but those words! I remember thinking ‘ how … nice’ it was the line ‘If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again’ it differed from the love song one liners that were so pervasive.

It’s only now with the knowledge of song lyrics and context (which seemed so irrelevant back then) that I know that the song was actually about dating. Who Knew! But those words still ring true and that video is still as poppin as it was back then!

Music videos aside, we’re halfway through Lent and it’s easy to be stung with the sadness that comes with failed attempts. And it becomes so tempting to shame and condemn ourselves. A lot of us have given up/fasted from things to make room for silence, prayer or just more room to see what is maybe on the other side. We recognise our issues with chronic lateness, procrastination, emotional eating, perfectionism, critical thinking, impatience ect. and want to take advantage of this season to withdraw from areas to look into other areas.

Maybe you’re on the, ‘not quite there yet’ team this Lent with all the badges and medals to show for it, join the rest of us. Perhaps your struggling in the same area and you’re becoming frustrated and disappointed in yourself.

In the words of Aaliyah ‘Try again!’ There’s is so much in you to be revealed but that’s usually along the journey. Usually when there’s a pattern or addiction to break, healing is required somewhere and affirmation of our identity is needed.

Be strategic in your trying, try with intention but use this time to ask questions about your identity, to take a closer look at areas that may need healing.

Perhaps your true nature are none of these things you’ve been doing … , there is something deeper in you that is so infidelity whole, powerful, loving and perfect. That were you simply to remember it and claim it and give it space.that which you are emerges in a way. Your habits that do not serve the emergence and expression of this truth fades away, it’s not consistent with the energy of who you truly are.

Rev Nhien Dougherty

In our daily lives it’s so easy to self-medicate on Netflix, binge eating, gossip ect to num the real emotions of our lives. It’s difficult to give ourselves space enough from those things to acknowledge pain, see new desires and find peace.

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But that’s where mercy is found, not in the perfection, but in the absolute trust in God. Trust that even in your moments of disappointment God looks towards you kindly. And isn’t that the whole point to be revealed as daughters of God? Where better to do that in the arms of our Father?

All the world ever truly needs is not for you to should yourselves into certain manners of behaviour but simply to remember your self. And in the remembrance of this truth of who you are, the habits that you built to deal with a foreign world of separation and fear,those things can now more readily dissolve.

Rev Nhien Dougherty

The glory within is sometimes hidden when our identity as ‘one with God’ is unsure and comes across in our outer behaviour but it is always left unencumbered. The beauty, goodness and light within you is always unencumbered. So be encouraged, lift yourself up and try again.

We must not be discouraged by our faults, for children fall frequently.

St Therese Liseux

By Charlene Ogu

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