Why you want to go to the Y2K Inheritance festival

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So why do you want to go the Y2K Inheritance summer festival in Walsingham this August?

Umm... well because it's going to be awesome! I could stop but just in case you don't take my word for it, I'm going to go on.

This year the Y2K team are praying and working really hard to bring you a real, fun, joy filled encounter with Christ.

This years festival will include a new layout, a collaboration of partners, a cafe and as per usual there will be beautiful praise and worship, amazing talks and sessions where we can come together and have honest conversations.

The theme for this year is INHERITANCE.

We have a promise of an inheritance that can never be spoilt or fade away,

kept for you in the heavens

1 Pete 1:3-4


Throughout the festival, those words will be broken open and questions we all ask will be explored. Questions of purpose and identity in a world that is constantly trying to bombard us with it's own definitions.


Save the date and pray into this time where God will speak to you.


This year Y2K will be diving into what it means to be a woman in this world, and everything that encompasses. With women sessions and breakout conversations we're really excited about the impact this will have.


HANDMAID will have a space where you can buy magazines and have a chat with some of our team.

Don't miss it!

  Book here to save your place !

Charlene Ogu