He waits with you!

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Advent is a time of festive preparation for the coming of Jesus. It’s a season where we prepare our hearts and wait for God who became visible in a precious baby.

 We’re only a couple of days in and if I’m being honest I’m already beginning to feel like I need more time!

How could I possibly be ready for the coming of Christ? What does ‘ready’ even look like?

If anyone knows a thing or two about preparing hearts or being ready for the coming of Christ it’s Mary!

She held Jesus in her womb for nine months before she saw him.

Through her I’ve come to understand that to be ready for him in the future I need to be with him now.

As she embraced Jesus in her womb, we are called to embrace him in our everyday, our every living moment.

For nine months Jesus grew and moved within her, she knew him intimately in what may have been uncomfortable at times.

As we continue on day by day this advent remember that you do not wait alone!

How beautiful that our God would stay with us in an unseen secret place as we wait for him.

So what does ready look like? Well that’s not as important as who is with you now.

Seeing someone for the first time is not the same as seeing someone you know intimately for the first time.

Prepare today asking him to show you his love and the way he clings to your soul. Become more aware of his presence within you. Say Yes! Like Mary even when you don’t understand, Say Yes!


Practical steps 

 -Make time to become aware that he is already here. This could be during your prayer time or if you don’t have a prayer time, now’s a good time to put some time aside to spend with him in the morning. You could start with 5 minutes. Make the examen part of your day.   



-Find time to go to confession. He longs to embrace you in mercy.