Be a Light!

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It’s two days till Christmas! With not long to go now there’s still a little time for some last minute prep.


So just a few bullet points for you to mull over ...

Make room for a mystery.

The desire to welcome him and the intensity at which you desire it is the beginning.

Work with what you have.

If it’s complex relationships, difficult memories, a frugal celebration or challenging family members. It may not be perfect but if it’s a stable then so be it! The most important thing is a surrendered and grateful heart.

You don't do anything alone.

It's easy to lose sight of the opportunity offered to us this season amongst the hustle and bustle. Remember he is always with you, in your stress and shortcomings.

He prepares a place for you.

During this season we prepare for God to do a new thing in our hearts. As we make room for a mystery a place is being prepared for us in love.


Someone, somewhere needs you to be their light. Gaze on the face of the child Jesus and let his bright love glow in you for other.

Charlene OguComment