Q. How do I remain myself while still being accepted in society?


Why do we seek to be accepted in society? What would that gain? If we are not accepted because we behave wrongly, then we should change our ways. But otherwise, trying to fit in with society’s expectations won’t bring us happiness. It doesn’t matter if we are not accepted by society, as long as we are doing what we consider to be good and right. However, we will need strength to go against the ways of the world. It’s not easy. What is important is to have true friends with whom we can be ourselves, friends who love us for who we are. Friendship is a great support, when we are accepted there is no longer any need to worry about society’s ways and whether we are ‘in’ or not.

It is surely by being totally true to ourselves that we will have the greatest impact on society. Our courage to stand for what we believe in and live according to the gospel will awaken the spirits of those around us who have been ‘numbed’ by the influences of the world. Often those whom we expect to be our greatest critics are in fact our greatest admirers; it is by your truth and love you will win them.

Do not be afraid. Society needs you !

Picture courtesy of Mimi Slyver-Francis

Picture courtesy of Mimi Slyver-Francis

Charlene OguComment