Q.I’m finding university very difficult and I don’t think my prayers are helping. What should I do?




God wants you to do everything you can. He will never replace the human being because he has a great respect for what we are. He has entrusted to us the gift of our spirit, that is our mind and our capacity to love, and we are responsible for its growth: every day you can be more intelligent and more loving.

If you are asking God for his help at school, God is not a magician! He expects you to cooperate with your efforts, your work, your perseverance; your humility too, because sometimes we fail; but a failure is always an opportunity to grow in our human and Christian person.

If you feel that God isn’t listening to you, be sure that he is listening to you, that he knows your difficulties at school and that he carries you and leads you. And he truly answers you! He always answers with what is good and even with what is best for us. Sometimes, he seems to hide himself and is very discreet; it’s to help us do more, to make more effort. Sometimes he answers by giving extra strength or confidence or peace in order to carry the difficulty. Sometimes he answers by enlightening our way: and a human life is never straight, there are always bends, and ups and downs!

If we are open to his will, to his presence, to his light and love, he will be always at our side to draw us further!

Charlene OguComment