Q. How do I help my siblings in their faith?




By being a saint! Holiness is catching; it inspires faith in others. It’s by living out our Christian life to the full, by glowing with faith, hope and charity (or at least by trying) that we will help our brothers and sisters. If you love God and this relationship with Him is transforming your life and the way you live everything, this will impact your siblings, it will draw them to Him. Most importantly, pray for them!

Not sure these are tips, but some ideas that could help:

- Encourage them to pray with you, maybe a decade each day, or as you walk to school or Mass together, you’ll be surprised!

-Take them with you when you go to Mass or confession, or at least offer them the possibility to go with you each time, one day they’ll say yes!

- Take them to catholic events for young people, it’s important that they find their own faith.

- Introduce them to your Christian friends, it’s so important to have witnesses of faith outside the family, sometimes we’re too close to evangelise our own.

- Give them a testimony by the way you live out your faith at home, by your patience, service, humility, obedience, forgiveness, joy, peace, love…

Charlene OguComment