An Anthem For Your Best Year Yet

By Charlene Ogu

It’s that time of year again, and maybe by now a resolution or two has fallen through the cracks. If so, fear not, start again! As Evelyn out internet cousin says,

Speech marks.png

Do not let anyone shame you for making new year resolutions, no you’re not going to fulfil them all.

That’s not the point, the point is

Relentless belief in oneself

despite evidence to the contrary.

We love her! 🤣

In her video she talks about finding an anthem, making a mantra and designing your own vision board. Check it out below!


If you want to know how to celebrate your dreams and become a visionary this 2019, take a look at our ‘Visions’ article here. Maybe you need a little motivation to make a resolution, then we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget our Back to Basics prayer series to help you have a more consistent prayer life this year. And after all that if you need help figuring out that one song that will help you to reset and focus then look no further. Mixtape 2 Vol. 1 sounds like it might be for you. A collection of songs to get you moving and excited about your 2019 so you can have your best year yet!