Back to Basics


It’s the beginning of the year and there’s something mysterious and exciting in the air. Like many people, it’s a time for resolutions and commitments, shiny new goals and vision boards. It’s a time of planting fresh seeds and dreaming bold dreams. And here at Handmaid we’re all for that, but without a relationship with the seed bearer or dream giver it can be difficult to live our best life.

So we’re doing a 30 day series of blogs to help you learn more about prayer and dialogue with God.

We’ll be posting quotes, poems and articles to help you strip back, take a moment and be still.

Our prayer for you this January is that the doing won’t be as important as the being, and that stillness and contemplation will frame your every day to help you truly receive all the the blessings that are waiting for you in 2019.

Click below and begin!

Charlene OguComment