Hello… So I thought I would let you in on the HANDMAID journey and write about the different twists and turns of it all. As you may know the first issue for the HANDMAID magazine came out in January and the process of putting a magazine together was very … interesting. Lots and lots of fun but some unexpected obstacles that allowed me to learn quite a bit about myself and other people. The whole mission behind the magazine and the community we hope to build, is based on authenticity. Authenticity is such an important word, and as I continue to journey and navigate through life I begin to see how through it there is real peace. As a woman (and I’m sure it can be the same for men too) I find that there is a culture that pushes us towards being inauthentic, ‘Be someone else, you’re not quite good enough’ and for me as I try to undo those learnt lies, (which is work! let me tell you!) I learn to love who I really am, not who I pretend to be, just who I am, flaws and all.

Since it really is the centre of the mission and the magazine I wanted to take you with me as HANDMAID grows and be as authentic as possible about the journey. In between issues we really want to provide you with good and nurturing content, that deals with real life and we’ve got lots of exciting plans. So this is just me saying hello, and join me as I keep you updated with what we’re up to.

Love and blessings,


Charlene Ogu