7 Things To Do To Make International Women's Day Impactful


International women’s day is an important day in shining a light on woman’s rights. Today we celebrate women all around the world as a way of changing the detrimental attitudes towards women, and sometimes discriminatory inclinations both women and men hold. Here are seven things you can do, give or learn to make this International Women’s Day impactful.

Artwork by   Marina Verdú

Artwork by Marina Verdú

  1. Call a girlfriend you haven’t spoken to in a while

    You’ve got how many friends on Facebook? Reach out to a friend/acquaintance. Catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. It doesn’t take much, let this day be your jump off.

  2. Give a woman in your life a gift

    Give a gift to a woman in your life who you really appreciate. Visit an elderly friend or Aunt, say thank you to a woman who has helped you in some way, it could be flowers, a kind note, a hug, anything that let’s another women know that she is being seen and appreciated by her fellow kinswomen.

  3. Engage in the conversation surrounding women in your community and women around the world

    Whew chile! It’s been an crucial few years for women, from the #metoo movemnet, to #timesup. There have been so many discussions, debates and protests with women from around the world at the forefront. It’s important for us, as women to listen and engage in these conversations wherever it’s between friends or in larger social circles. It’s a way for us to support each other, in changing global attitudes as it pertains to women and basic human rights, work, family, sex and education. Take the opportunity today to read and learn more about the journey’s of women all around the world. Don’t forget to use your voice to speak up.


    There are too many women living on the other side of the effects of what happens when dignity goes unrecognised. Don’t hold back in this season to support women who have been effected by domestic violence, sexual assault, FGM or a lack of education. Give your time to volunteer at a shelter, give your clothes and give your money to help continue the work of providing shelter or tools for recovery. Learn about the shelters and projects in your local community, your postcode. The little you can give goes a long way.

  5. Support/celebrate a woman/GIrl

    Show some love for women owned businesses and projects. Maybe purchase something from your friend’s etsy shop. (Shameless plug - If you’re into vibrant handmade African accessories and want to support a mother daughter business then get your pillow, apron, handbag here at MaameLDN and of course you could always get a Handmaid Magazine!)

    It doesn’t need to involve your purse, it could be as simple as sharing social media content as a way to support. And if you want to make a day of it, then there’s plenty happening today such as the exhibition at The Circle of contemporary art by a variety of women. And it’s free!

    There are so many woman slaying every single day. There’s nothing like seeing the glow on a girls/woman’s face when a person she doesn’t know pays her a compliment. Share the love and appreciate a kind heart, a resilient attitude or an awesome outfit.

    Invest in a girl, whether it is a sister, niece or cousin, don’t underestimate the effect your affirmation or mentorship can have on someone.

  6. discover more AMAZING WOMAN SAINTS

    There are so many woman who have lived exceptional lives by sharing the Gospel in there everyday. It’s such a lovely reminder that there are Saints supporting and celebrating you in your everyday through their prayers! Learning about such women can be a source of encouragement and ignite a desire to pray and serve. A few of my favourites include St Gemma Galgani, St Faustina, St Therese of Liseux , St Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity and St Hildegard of Bingen. It’s never too late to build your prayer slayin heavenly girl gang!


    There’s so much going on in the world and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. How about you bring it all to Mother Mary. She teaches us so much about prayer in a mystical and gentle way. Pray a rosary, a decade or even one Hail Mary for all those who are in need of prayers, especially on this day the women in our lives and the women around the world.

By Charlene Ogu

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