We are the daughters of the ancient and new, forever radiant and beautiful God.

We are the adventurers, diving into the mystery of truth.

We are the beloved, loved into being.

We are the creatives, giving our open hands in service.

We are the wide eyed, forever amazed at his faithfulness and mercy.

We are the magnifiers, making his goodness known.

We are the ponderers, treasuring his words deep in our hearts.

*Yes that includes you, yes you!



A creative space for young women that encourages authenticity, in all its brightness and colour. 

Earthy ground where we can bless each other into truth on the adventurous journey of holiness.

 A place that celebrates the mystery and diversity of women and seeks to explore the complexity of femininity. 

We seek to help you live compassionately, with humility and gratitude

while enjoying and savouring life in a way only you can.

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